Born and raised in Lima, Ohio, Shannon earned her B.F.A. degree from Bowling Green State University.  After a brief stint bartending with a B.F.A., Shannon soon realized it was in her best interest to head back to B.G.S.U. to acquire her teaching certificate in Art Education.  The teaching degree would lead her to Chicago where her adult life would unfold.  

Shannon was a K-8 Art teacher for 8 years.  She lived in the city and commuted to a Chicago suburb for her job where she shared her enthusiasm and love of art with the students.  Shannon continued to diligently work on her painting during the summers, and eventually entered an art festival in Chicago with the encouragement of her best friend.   

At the first art festival Shannon participated in, a creative buyer from Saks Fifth Avenue purchased several of Shannon's high heeled shoe paintings for their Las Vegas store.  That sale alone gave Shannon the courage to continue on her pursuit of happiness through her art.

Shannon's lived in Chicago and has been a working artist for close to 20 years.  She considers Chicago a good friend who's introduced her to life she would otherwise have never known.