Commissioned Family Trees
Sample of a Family Tree that you can customize for your unique family and the members in it.

Previous clients have given special mementos such a pieces of a wedding dress, buttons, charms, menus etc. to attach to the canvas.
Dont' Worry
36"x72" mixed media canvas.
Love in Color (Chicago)
36"x48" mixed media canvas
We Like Each Other
3'x4' mixed media canvas.
Eccentric Levi's Denim Bird
Dessert Birds
36"x48" mixed media canvas
Levi's Denim Birds
40"x60" canvas. Mixed media.
Love In Color, Color In Love
SOLD. 36"x60" mixed media canvas.
Love In Color, Color In Love
Ralph Lauren Denim Birds
Mixed media canvas. 36'x48"
40"x60" canvas. Levi's denim, acrylic paint, specialty paper.
Showing scale of the 40"x60" framed canvas.
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