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A sculptural series that utilizes a traditionally masculine object & marries it with the stereotypical feminine merchandise purchased from a craft store. Whimsical eye candy that mirrors all the complications of sports culture: the competitiveness, the gendered bias, and the dedication & endurance it takes to last. 

Break The Chains

Aerosol, suede fringe, chain, studs on Everlast boxing gloves

SOLD. Fight Like A Girl


Aerosol, acrylic, jewels, studs, glass beads, chain on Everlast boxing gloves 

The Greatest

Aerosol, studs, craft letters, chain on Everylast boxing gloves

Mama Said

Glass beads, studs, craft letters, embroidered patches,

craft letters, faux pearls, aerosol on Everlast boxing gloves

Beat Box

Aerosol, chain, studs, craft letters on Everlast boxing gloves

SOLD. Momma Said Knock You Out

Sucker Punch

Charm Blow Pops, craft pom poms, craft letters, sequins, aerosol, acrylic, chain on Everylast boxing gloves

Killer Instincts

Aerosol, acrylic, glitter, chains, suede fringe, rope, pom poms on Everlast boxing gloves

JRE The Struggle is Good

Aerosol, upcycled keyboard keys, chain, studs, letters on Everlast boxing gloves

Punch Drunk

Aerosol, acrylic, suede fringe, studs, marabou on Fila boxing gloves



Aerosol, acrylic, chains, studs, fringe, craft letters, on Everlast boxing gloves




The Hill We Climb 

Aerosol, studs, buttons, chain, craft letters, embellishments on Everlast boxing gloves

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